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fic benefit without FI

1 August 2007
Phoenix Az
would there be a power benefit from re-tuning the car with install of aem fic (na2 car) after i/h/e mod or is the stock engine managment doing a 'good enaugh' job compensating? i know there are piggy-backs for na1 cars but nothing for na2. what do you think/know?
you can advance the crap out of your car by taking the cap off the car box controller and retard it with the fic and therefore you have full timing control + and -. you have full control with fuel. I don't see why not.
i was curious if anyone has used the stand alone aem or the fic without turbo/sc, just the i/h/e. i know fic was made for odb2 and it gives you good control but without dyno runs obviously i wouldn't know. on the other hand, spending 500 bucks on the fic just to find out that the oem brain is doing good enaugh job would be wasteful.
fair enaugh.

so is there a documented power increase with an aem and i/h/e versus just the i/h/e on oem computer?
Tuning is going to be beneficial, but not to the same extent as a forced induction car. The question is whether or not it is worth the price for the mediocre gains. You would need to budget in the cost of the part, install, and tuning/dyno time with an experienced tuner.