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first mods, dont want a cheapie car smoking me

17 July 2000
Ok, so what do you folks consider the first MUST HAVE speed mods for this car?
Dali chip

what would the 1/4 be with the above?

Does the above sound about right. The stock NSX does OK but I without question need more. Or tank the idea and just get a blower?
The headers and exhaust are mods that you'll feel in the "seat of your pants". If you are considering the R&P you will want to change the gears to the short gear set at the same time.
If you supercharge it you will need the exhaust mods anyhow, so start with those.
As for the chip? Lots to choose from with debatable differences.
If you want to smoke the competition you need to change the R&P and short gears first IMO. Go to Dali's website and check out their tranny swap deals. For $3400ish you can get a rebuilt tranny sent to your door with 4:55 R&P and short gears. This setup will make you feel like you stepped into a different car. You are not going to experience as much bang for the buck as you will with the new tranny. Those other mods are nice, but 8-10 HP from a muffler is nothing compared to screaming through the gears faster than a RX-7 on NOS. Your top end will suffer of course, but I don't know how many times you go 150 plus MPH.

Once last thing. My buddy has the Dali chip, Comptech headers, RM exhaust, no-cats and a 70-shot of NOS, and he dynoed with 10 less HP than my other wise stock NSX; have 70 shot kit only. I had more torque also. Don't ask me why this happended, but you would think that things would have turned out a little different.

The gears will help you regardless of the mods you add on top of them IMO.

Good luck
8-10 HP from a muffler is nothing compared to screaming through the gears

Using different gearing provides the PERCEPTION of huge acceleration gains, because the engine reaches redline quicker (but at lower road speeds). However, actual gains are not as great as the perceived ones. Check out the section called "What Are the Numbers" in http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Performance/gears.htm for a comparison between gains from gearing vs gains from adding HP (20 hp gain is shown in the chart).
0-60 with gears and R&P 5.00 seecond
0-60 with 20 extra HP 5.15 seconds

Thanks. I see the numbers and it appears that 20 extra HP is almost worth as much as short-gears and R&P, but the seat of the pants feeling was not there to me without the gears. Maybe it's an illusion because you are shifting all the time, or the sound of engine screaming in first, second and third makes it feel that the car is acceleration much faster than it is. If you have the cash it is so worth it IMO.

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