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FM Diversity Antenna????

29 May 2004
East Bay Area, California
OK, I have a question....is an "FM Diversity Antena" (as advertised on a lot of cars that come from the factory with satelite radio) an antenna that handles all the different signals? Like XM/FM/AM? Anyone with an answer? Thanks in advance.
Good Morning Michael.
Your NSX already has a diversity antenna system incidentally - there is the obvious one (the mast) and another one in the rear hatch glass.
What it really means by diversity in this instance, is a system that can select the best available detectable signals and use that as the preferred input. In cars with dual antennas like the NSX, the tuner simply uses the stronger signal. With modern electronic units, these have additional features which can enhance multiple inputs on a single input & again select the most prominent.
I'm not sure this includes XM in a single antenna but I could be wrong on that front.
OH, now I get it. I was just wondering becasue I see the BMW and Volvo to name 2 that have just the little XM appearing antenna on the roof and they advertise them as FM diversity antenna. So I was wondering for other applications (read Prius) if that might work for me. Thanks, Michael