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Forza horizon

Think I will wait until Forza 5. Even if its on the new x-box
2014 Last I heard. I just wish there were some real race tracks in the game.
I am looking forward to it. I love test drive unlimited and this looks better than that. Can't wait!
Fun game so far,
very nice graphics considering the age of the hardware. cars look great.
first time on the road an nsx-r gt drives past me down the highway. Nice.

Cars are always whipping by and you can challenge, similar to Tokyo Xtreme Racer,(Sega Dreamcast)

Barnyard finds are a little disappointing, i would have liked to restore the cars myself through the garage upgrade function somehow.

I like the feel of the game, swings more to forza than need for speed.
My friend got it for me at the ms store. Should have it this weekend. Can't wait.
Scored a copy of Forza Horizon at WalMart this evening (Thursday). It was hidden deep in their ad, but the price was an amazing $15!!! Yes, you're reading that right. FIFTEEN bucks!!!
Damn. I was at Wally World last night, but didn't buy anything. I only have a PS3 anyway, and haven't even played my GT5 that much.
GT is getting boring for me... Tuning is too straight forward... not enough "choice" in the process. For example, the more expensive part is always the best choice for every car. The one possible exception is turbo-charging which is a bit of gamble with some cars. Still, being able to select from several different cylinder heads and cams and rotating assemblies would take GT to a level that I don't think any racing game has reached yet...

Whichever one gets to this level first will be the one that gets my money.
One thing I dislike about GT5 is that the "stock" NSX as the game presents it oversteers like crazy compared to the real thing. It's not until you dig deep into the settings and realize that front/rear brake balance is set to 50%/50% by the game - whereas 80F/20R or even more extreme gets you much closer to the car's actual performance.