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Free Carfax Report.

Hmmm... If you delete the [yourloginid]@www.carfax cookie it creates each time you use it, you can run as many as you want.

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Great reminder Lud. I went and deleted all my cookies, and as you stated I can run as many carfax reports as I want by deleting the cookie each time.
I tried this and received the following response when I clicked on the link:

"Unauthorized Request

We're sorry, this request has been made by an unauthorized user or referring site, and cannot be processed."
Holy security holes batman! Get it while it's hot... that one can't last

If anyone needs a carfax and gets shut out of this sweet deal, fire me off an email or post here. My account is open until April...
Anyone have the URL? The link has been removed from the original news story.