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Front bumper details

3 May 2002
Guys, got a big shock as I searched for NC1 front bumper parts.

Big money for some cheap plastic parts, which dont fit 100% at some sections.....wow.

Wonder why Honda didnt designed it as piece, but it is like it is.

Damage can be repaired sidewise, so thats an advantage
But for the price for one bumper side part I can get 5 Type R Civic bumpers

Some details


Obviously I have never done anything to the extent you are pursuing. Having said that I can recall many years ago that typically you were looking at a minimum of 4X the price of the original car to put it together via parts. I imagine you are finding that it is even worst than that. What do you have thus far into the car cost wise including the damaged car?
Well, the costs are very high, but this was expected.
Nearly all airbags were out, so these things costs a lot.

We had the chance to buy most parts from a Top gear NSX, which was stripped completly.
So....much luck.

You have to know that the parts (and car) are much more expensive than in your country, so you have calculate right before you start such a big projekt.

But its a challenge and broadens the technical horizon.

There is still much work to be done, finally you have to also to strip the rear for having access to the engine and a correct coolant bleeding.

The most respect we do have to find all the electronical gremlins later.
Learing by doing is still a good thing.....hopefully til eastern we will sit in the car for a ride and have a big smile.

Last 4 months I have thing about to sale my NA NSX, but I decided to keep it.
IMO its the 'better' car.