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Front Disc Rotor For Export Model And Japanese Version NSX

25 May 2002
Hong Kong
Wonder if any member has knowledge or knowing if all the export model NSX (including USA, UK, Austrlia, Hong Kong, etc.) uses the same size of front disc rotor as the Japanese version NSX from 90 to 95?

I only know that Type-R model and 96+ 3.0L and 3.2L uses different disc size.

Thank you and look forward to your feedback.
Chris@SoS said:
manufacture year 1990-1995 or model year 1991-1996 in the US uses the same sized discs.
as the JDM market and other overseas markets. The front and rear disks are different sizes from each other. Just wanted to make that clear:D Sorry for the hijack Chris
take care,
-- Chris