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Front License Plate

2 February 2001
Danvers, MA USA
How many of you fellow NSX'ers drive without the front plate on. Its mandatory in MA but I choose not to put the plate and bracket on. Interested to know if anyone has been stopped and fined specifically for this.
I also have chosen to leave off the front plate and bracket and take my chances. It is also madatory here in CA, but it is a non-moving violation (a "fit-it" ticket). I have not been stopped nor ticketed yet, but I am certainly armed with the latest and greatest excuses for Officer Friendly should he decide to pullme over like: "it fell of in a car wash" or "the bracket is on back order from Acura"...
When I last waxed my NSX, I removed the front holder and noticed that it had been making contact with the paint on the nose (there are three soft pads that are supposed to cushion any contact...apparently one had shifted allowing the plastic to touch the paint). I couldn't justify putting it back on since it would continue to damage the nose and, more significantly, because the car looks SOOOOO much better without it.

Since it left a visible mark (not horrible, not visible in pictures), I have a REALLY good story to share with officers. I keep my front plate and holder in my trunk just in case.

Funny thing is that I was pulled over on Sunday, but no mention was made of my missing front plate (and he was initially parked on the opposite side of the street...facing me as I approached!). Strange thing was that he didn't give me a ticket...perhaps this was HIS idea of an April Fool's joke.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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I would like to be the first to welcome all of you guys to Pennsylvania. We have our issues in this state and PA is not perfect, but we are one of those states who only requires a rear license plate.


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Oh, no, here we go again...

Not bad. If he could just get some kind of plastic cover over it to make it look even nicer I would consider one.
BTW, it's now a regular ticket here in LA for no front plate... not just a fixit.
Nevertheless, I remain defiant in my stance to degrade the look of an exotic sports car so the city can make more money. See ya in court officer.
I don't want to put my license plate where it's going to block a lot of the airflow to the radiator.
wait a minute.... I had no idea putting a front plate on my car would sacrifice some horses due to lack of airflow. forget it now... not gonna do it. wouldn't be prudent.
forget it.
And if I get a ticket, now I have an angle in court. Of course I'll EXAGERATE the loss and bring lots of graphs to back it up.

possible damage to the engine. Oh, the angles, the angles.
I've never put the front license plate on my '94 or '00. As far as I knew, it was just a fix it ticket. Since when did they change that to a moving violation ticket in California? If that's true, I'll be more scared when I come across a police car. I never, though, got pulled over for not having the front plate on. But there's always the first time.

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I have never been nailed for it yet, but it was changed very recently (this year I think) to be considered a moving violation (or more than just a fixit).
It's more pronounced in some areas than others like in Beverly Hills because they have a lot of stop light cameras. I think it's more of a bonus ticket they will try to nail you with if they stop you for something else. Cops have been given a goal of issuing 25% more tickets this year to try and decrease the number of accidents in Los Angeles. saw it on the news a couple weeks ago.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
I don't want to put my license plate where it's going to block a lot of the airflow to the radiator.

Like the plate would actually affect the water temp in real life? Hello, lights on but no ones home?? - the NSX has immensely overdone water cooling capacity.

Anyone been to Japan? that is how the front plates are mounted on NSX's there - Oh I forgot - the Japanese only drive their NSX's in WINTER when it is below 30F or in the rain where the cold water streaming in can keep their cars from overheating....please.

For any of you professional skeptics (that have not tried it of course but "know" that it will overheat their cars) I already drove a 1992 NSX with the front intake area 100% BLOCKED by a perforated metal screen with only 1/8th inch holes in it @ 75-80 mph from SD to PHX at an ambient temp of 70F+ & the water temp gauge did not move up at all from its normal halfway up position. In addition to the test grill blocking 100% of the opening, I had an aftermarket A/C condenser installed that fully spans the entire frontal area of the radiator in both height and width. No difference at all was noted in the indicated operating temp of the car, and just to make sure, my twin aftermarket cooling fans were unplugged for the entire drive.

need more info? please private me @

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Mark Johnson, CEO of Custodial Services @ Dali Racing, a Not For Profit Company.
For any of you professional skeptics (that have not tried it of course but "know" that it will overheat their cars)

At least we don't have any reason to be biased - and we don't lie by misquoting people. :p
Wee bit off topic but felt I should share this.

When taking delivery of a Mercedes E320 from Authban (sp) in belmont, they didn't put the front plate mounts in.
When questioned, the salesman told me that it was required by law but cops don't really care. had it put in anyways to be on the safe side...

In conclusion..Mercedes dealerships support not putting your front plates on!!!

if the cops pull you over, tell them that your driving a honda and to go after some S500 driver
I got 2 ticket for not having front license on, police here are jerks and they don't give a sh!t for my excuses. However, I still won't put it on! Bring it on!
What's the point of having a front plate anyway?

For people who run red lights. They have cameras in many intersections here that take a pic of the front of your car when you run a light. They just send you a ticket in the mail with the photo. Doesn't work if you have no front plate, so their cash cow idea becomes ineffective.
Right on NSEX! I would never put one on any sports car. They couldn't raise the fine high enough where I would care. Any cop who pulls me over for that and actually writes the ticket gets lots of verbal abuse. So far that has only happened once waaay back in college but I had a blast especially since I was pretty drunk and my sober buddy was driving my car. The cop was shaking and screaming as he was so pissed @ me.
It's a matter of principle. If there was a good reason for front plates I would consider it. Here in LA it's being done to make money for the city and I can't stand it. It's the same reason it's illegal to go around adding quarters to meters so people don't get parking tickets. The city loses money when you do that. Why else would it be an offense to be a good samaritan and go around dunking quarters into expiring parking meters?

It's pretty funny actually. If any of you have heard of a show called 'jackass' on MTV, they did just that. One of the guys dressed up in a to-to like the tooth fairy and went around San Francisco dropping quarters into the meters. When the parking enforcement asked him what the hell he was doing, he danced around and called himself the meter fairy.
The meter maids were chasing him to give him a ticket and they were pissed. HAHA. hilarious
See... know I'm in a good mood again.
Ya gotta love Jackass, my roomate works at the volcom warehouse, and is always shuttling knoxville and his cohorts around.

If you've never seen jackass, you owe it to yourself to watch it atleast once, and try not to get offended hehehe....

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