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SOLD:Titanium burn license plate frame "The Power of Dreams"

16 October 2018
Poor planning on my behalf. Bought from Mazterpiece Automotive. High quality. The lower section covers my registration sticker. Not worth it for me to risk getting pulled over for something silly. Ohio doesn't require a front plate and I've never had one on the car so that is not an option. Please check your plate registration location before you buy. Asking $100. I'll cover shipping to the continental US only. PayPal friends and family. It's never been installed and I handled it while wearing gloves. It's pristine. I paid $130 and waited for a month to get it. 20230727_093559.jpg


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I understand man. Was in shock too when I placed the order. Little things like this though are what makes your car stand out. I just got it. It's pristine. Never installed obviously.
Thanks for the offer. I'll do $80.00 PayPal F&F. I will PM you my information for payment.