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Front License Plate

10 November 2001
Orange County, CA
I have a 95 M3 and I took off the front license plate once. Short story...cop pulled me over and gave me a fix-it ticket. I hope this isnt a problem with the NSX b/c there doesnt seem to be a place to put the front plate...yessss!!!!!!
Nevada requires a front plate as well, however I moved here from Georgia (no front plate) and never had the bracket that bolts to the nose. It's ugly anyways.

I have been in NV for about a year now, and no cop hassels (yet). I did gas up next to a patrol officer a couple of months ago and got into a discussion about the issue. He said probably not an issue unless you run ito a "joe law" cop that is by the book and likes to jack up car guys. Normally, they will not pull you over in NV just for that.

I am not planning to install a front. dont have one on my BMW 750 either! you can buy the bracket from the dealer, however.

I suggest you put it on, get the ticket cleared, then take it off again.
For front plate solutions, check out this:

-- Chris


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there doesnt seem to be a place to put the front plate...

The car comes from the factory with a license plate bracket with bolts that attach to points hidden underneath the nose.

The factory puts the plate at the front of the nose piece. The aftermarket brackets put the plate in the middle of the radiator opening.

I think most owners in most places leave it off the car.

unless you run ito a "joe law" cop that is by the book

I didn't think there were any laws in Nevada.
Keep the front plate in the trunk. If you are pulled over and the officer brings up the fact that you have no front plate, tell him/her it is in the trunk and that a factory bracket is on order from Japan.
Keep the front plate in the trunk.

I do this - just in case the officer's concern is that you are using the second plate on a differen vehicle.