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Front turn signal lens covers?


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3 February 2000
Can anyone help this guy?

From: [email protected]
Subject: LOOKING FOR PARTS...........
To: [email protected]

I have tried countless resources in an attempt to locate clear protective lens covers for the front bumper lights on a '91 NSX.

I am in the process of purchasing this automobile from a private owner and was hoping to find this accessory. What I am referring to is protective covers for the front wrap-around style lights on the front of the NSX.

I have been told that such an accessory exists, but as I mentioned in the beginning of this letter, I can't seem to find them. The covers not only protect the light itself, but also give the open area a more even and smooth appearance as opposed to the "pushed in" design that they are manufactured with.

If anyone may knows where I can find these, please send a detailed reply to both this return address ([email protected]) and to my mobile e-mail device ([email protected]). I look forward to your reply in the near future. Thank you.

D. P. Gray III