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Forced Induction FS: Comptech Supercharger 1.8L

9 July 2011
I bought this Supercharger in March of this year and have decided to part ways with the NSX before getting it installed.

This is a 1.6L, not a 1.8L as the title says. I apologize for the error.

I bought it from another Primer and it was for my Automatic. I do not know what may or may not be needed for your specific application, but I am more than happy to answer any questions or provide any photos that you request.

This includes everything photographed and an additional box of bolts for installation.

$6000 o.b.o.

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That is not a 1.8 it's a 1.6
Please stop misrepresenting items that you are selling. In another for sale thread you are trying to sell OEM calipers as brembo's.
who was the owner before you? seems like you don't know much about it so it would be nice to know him/her so we can get some questions answered. like how long has it been used/miles? any parts been replaced? what year was it for? low boost kit? is it complete?