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FS: GORGEOUS Candy Apple Red FEED Widebody 93 RX7

9 April 2007
For those who do not know, I am the owner of Rx7 Boutique and my reputation is unprecedented at Rx7 Club. I bought this car completely stock about 7 years ago with 48,000 miles. The car has transformed several times due to my indecisiveness until I was satisfied with its current state, anyone who has seen this car in person can testify to how gorgeous it is - I have yet to see a car with this level of attention to paint and body work. All pieces of the car were carefully planned and what resulted was a car that flows perfectly which can be attributed to the car shows it has won and is one of the most recognizable FD's on the internet.

This was my baby, I put hundred of hours into this car and what seems like an endless amount of money. Over 7 years I have put 27,000 miles on it or 3,800 miles a year putting the total mileage at 75,050 and only 8,000 miles on the Pettit streetported motor. I took meticulous care of this car, washed and polished at least once a month, never driven in rain nor snow (Florida car) and drove it like a little girl - had it above 100 only a handful of times. Oil was changed every 1500 to 2000 miles. Never street raced or abused. The car draws A SIGNIFICANT amount of attention, if you do not want to be constantly complimented or asked questions on the car, choose another FD. Below you will find a list of mods along with the re-sale value and if that isn't applicable how much I paid for the work. Someone could buy this car, part it out and make a small fortune. The pictures do not do the paint or car any justice, however I have photographed EVERY single issue with the car so the buyer knows exactly what he is getting with no surprises. Car has a clean title and no lean against it, title in hand. Here is the link to my build thread (over 70,000 views) that shows all the transformation and work that took place to get this car to where it is today: http://www.rx7club.com/showthread.php?t=811195.

The Basics:

Reason for Selling: Currently I work out of NYC where I have no need for a car and could use the capital for investment purposes. I know I will regret selling but from a financial perspective it doesn't make sense to keep the car stored away.

You can see below that I have over $36,000 into the car excluding the FD which ran me $17,000, resulting in a total cost of $53,000, I believe my price below is more than fair.
Price: $22,000
Price 2: No wheels and I exchange the exhaust - $18,500


Mileage: 75,xxx

Model: 1993 Touring with Tan Interior & Sunroof

Location: Car is located in Naples, Florida which is an hour west of Miami or two hours south of Tampa.

Exterior: [[$14,875]]
12 Stage (not a typo) House of Kolor Candy Apple red over silver base. Rear 1/4 panels perfectly molded in, along with rear wiper hole molded - no rattles, the body shop did an incredible job molding the pieces in - looks OEM. Pictures do not do the paint depth justice, I ALWAYS get compliments whenever I am out on the paint, truly needs to be seen in person. House of Kolor is some of the best and most expensive paint you can buy. [$8500]
Veilside Sleepy Headlights, only set in the US [$1100]
Authentic Re-Amemiya AD-9 FRP Hood [$1000]
Authentic Re-Amemiya FRP Mirrors [$700]
Shine FEED Front Bumper [$400]
Shine FEED Carbon Fiber Side Skirts [$350]
Shine FEED Front Fenders [$400]
Shine FEED Rear 1/4 Panels [$300]
Shine FEED carbon front lip [$200]
Shine Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler Lip [$300]
Shine Carbon Fiber Re-Amemiya PRO Diffuser [$450]
Shine Carbon Fiber Re-Amemiya Vortex for Diffuser [$100]
Authentic 99 Tail Lights [$375]
Authentic FEED Lens Covers [$200]
Rx7 Boutique 99 Turn Signals [$250]
Authentic FEED Door Handles [$200]
Tint: 15% sidewindows/20% Rear window (just replaced passenger window with new window and new tint)

Wheels/Tires - [[$3600]]
Work Meister 3PC 19x9.5+24(front) 19x10.5+23(rear) - sits flush with fenders [$3500 including tires]
Black Work Lug nuts [$100]
Custom Powdercoated HyperBlack which looks like a dark gunmetal in the shade and a light gunmetal in the sun, absolutely beautiful. [$1400 - not including in resale value above]
**NO curb rash or any problems with the wheels, in mint condition, when the wheels were powdercoated I had the lips completely redone, total cost with powdercoat $1400.
Custom Red Work decals
Michelin PS2 255/35 (front - 45% remaining) 305/30(rear - 35% remaining)

Exhaust & Suspension [[$3700]]
FEED FULL titanium ti-94 downpipe back. 94mm piping, whole exhaust (midpipe and catback) weighs around 12lbs, I have had offers north of $3500 for this. Only one in the country and the most highly sought after exhaust for the rx7. [$2500]
Cusco Zero 2E Coilovers, only 2800 miles, no oil leaks and no bends, these were $1900 new, GREAT ride quality, not too hard and perfect for the street. [$1100]
Rx7 Store Downpipe [$100]

Engine: [[$10,700]]
Pettit StreetPorted Motor, about 8000 miles on the streetport, including new housings, rotors. [$6000]Receipts included for all Pettit work.
Rebuilt Transmission 10,000 miles ago [$2000]
Pettit rebuilt 99 turbos [$2000]
Pettit Perfect Starter - this eliminates the 3 click problem with FDs, starts on the first turn everytime [$100]
Pettit Intake [$250]
HKS SMIC Pipes [$150]
99 spec Crossover and Ypipe [$200]
Battery and alternator replaced less than 6 month ago

Interior & Audio [[$3975]]
2002 steering wheel with 99 airbag [$450]
Replaced OEM tan seats with another set that only has 8000 miles [$400]
Freshly painted black interior plastic, only 10 miles on them since being paint, look new. [$200]
Carbon Fiber Rx7 Door Sills [$150]
Alpine W200 Double Din with Ipod hookup in glove compartment [$400]
Audison lrx 6.9 Amp [$800]
Rainbow Pro 6.5 Components front [some of the best german made speakers money can buy] [$475]
Rainbow Pro 5.25 Components Rear in custom molded rear quarter panels [$400]
SoundSplinter 12" Subwoofer the face has a bit of rust on it [$200]
Custom Fiberglass Subwoofer box [$200]
Top of the line ultra premium Rockford wire was used throughout the whole car [$150]
Custom Tan floormats with red RX7 logo [$150]

Reliable - Car was my DD for a few years and it never gave me problems. It has the right amount of mods to safely increase power without sacrificing reliability.. The streetporteed motor is great for those who want to add a single turbo or extensive engine mods to the car later on.
Working Cold A/C
Smooth and comfortable ride for long trips
One of the most beautiful FDs you will ever lay eyes on, be prepared for a lot of attention
Great sound system
Light and nimble with good power - around 300WHP.
One of the best sounding FDs, does not have the notorious "lawnmower" exhaust note
Like new OEM tan seats that are comfortable and provide good support
Incredible paint & body work

Tires will need to be replaced in the next 6,000 to 10,000 miles
Someone broke off an edge of the hood near the windshield
There is a crack on the driver door panel near the speaker grill where the bolt holds in the bottom portion, not noticeable but thought I would mention.
Several paint chips that were touched up
Automatic - While many consider this a downside, it is great for stop and go traffic, the hold button is fantastic for launches. I have seen several individuals do an auto to manual swap for $2500-$3000 (~$1500 after selling the a/t parts) and it is an easy job
Water dripped on top of the subwoofer where rust can now be see on the subwoofer face
The car is wired for a viper alarm, you just need to put in a solenoid in the door for the locking system, without the solenoid the car can not lock and remains unlocked.

I have done easily over 200 transactions at rx7club, including several orders over $10,000 and our reputation is flawless. Please feel free to check the car out in person, buyer will have to pay and setup any transportation of the vehicle. Only accept cash, certified check or bank wire. Please NO joy rides, serious buyers ONLY. If you have any questions or wish to see the car in person, please e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 239 289 8099.

Thank you for your time and consideration, don't miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.