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FS: Lovefab Titianium 4-Point Rear Chasis Brace

15 April 2016
Name: Jason
Location: Chicago, IL
Contact: Email or PM
Price: $1299 shipped to the lower 48 ***SOLD***

Hello all,

I have for sale a used Lovefab 4 point rear chassis bar in titanium. This is a discontinued item and you'll be hard pressed to see another for sale any time soon.

These bars are fully purged and TIG welded. They connect to 4 points in the engine bay as opposed to the stock 2 point or most aftermarket pieces. Titanium is much more rigid than aluminum for reduced flex. It's also nearly half the weight of steel. This piece weighs less than 5 pounds!

With this you have all the benefits of increased rigidity and less chassis flex without the drawback of added weight. Search previous prime threads for positive reviews.

The bar is in good condition, with wear that comes from installation and removal. Please see the attached pictures for the actual item you will receive. This is sold as is with no warranties implied or expressed.

I am asking $1299 shipped to the lower 48 states. **** SOLD****


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The finish is in raw titanium. Also there are several threads in these braces if you Google search "lovefab braces" or "lovefab titanium".

Currently, no one produces a similar 4 point brace in titanium that can match the rigidity of this brace.
Titanium is not more rigid then aluminum. It has flex properties like steel with reduced weight
How about this?

Currently, no one produces a similar 4 point brace in titanium that can match the rigidity this brace adds when installed.

Also I should add, per Lovefab:

"The anchoring points are drilled precisely so that brace is held in place by strength of the bolt or stud, instead of bolt tension just “clamping” the brace down. For instance, the rear bar must have the suspension dropped in order for the studs to go through the brace; no “slots” here. Furthermore, there are no flat flanges here; only incredibly strong tube-and-socket mounting methods are used. By leaps and bounds, these are the strongest and most rigid bars ever made for the NSX."

Prime member "Track Addict" posted a really nice review on a set of these braces. You can also see pictures of them installed.

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