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FS: ScienceofSpeed JB4 Tuning Box NC1 (2017-present) Acura NSX

12 October 2019
Asking Price: $1,200.00 shipped
Condition: Used (almost brand new) barely used
Payment Methods: Paypal and/or Venmo

Description: (FROM Science of Speed Website)
The JB4 Tuning Box from ScienceofSpeed allows you to extract 40-100 horsepower gains from your NSX! By intercepting engine pressure sensors and monitoring engine parameters through the factory CAN bus - the JB4 Tuning Box intelligently increases engine output while maintaining the factory ECU's fuel, ignition, and engine safety strategies.

The JB4 Tuning Box increases horsepower by 40 to over 100 horsepower depending on the type of fuel used. 91 octane produces 40 horsepower gains, 93 octane 60 horsepower, and 98 octane+ over 100 horsepower. This is on top of the gains achieved with ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipes, our first recommended modification on the Second Generation NSX. The JB4 integrates to the upcoming ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System - which adds boost based on liquid injection flow allowing 91 or 93 octane to be used with similar to 98+ power gains. By monitoring the CAN bus data from the ECU, the JB4 module will intelligently increase power only when the engine is up to operating temperature - and progressively adds increased power as the throttle is increased. Performance results were achieved with ScienceofSpeed Sport Downpipes and factory exhaust.

The JB4 module is installed in the engine bay in a sealed enclosure and includes a plug-and-play wire harness developed and manufactured by ScienceofSpeed. All connections to the factory wire harness use factory style connectors. The system is fully plug-and-play with no cutting of wires required. Once installed, the wire harness cleanly integrates to the factory engine bay wire harness and the JB4 unit is hidden from view.

The JB4 from ScienceofSpeed includes Bluetooth connectivity. With the optional JB4 app for Apple and Android devices, you can switch maps for fuel and monitor and log performance data.

Plug-and-play: The JB4 Tuning Box is plug-and-play with the included wire harness manufactured by ScienceofSpeed. The JB4 harness attaches to the factory engine wire harness with factory style connectors. No cutting of wires is required at all and the system is fully reversible.
Sealed enclosure: The JB4 Tuning Box includes a sealed enclosure – which allows it to be mounted in the engine bay tucked away behind the ECU. This means no penetrations into the trunk or cabin is required. Once installed - the JB4 is hidden from view.
Intelligent performance: The JB4 Tuning Box works in unison with the factory ECU by connecting to the factory CAN Bus network. The JB4 is able to monitor parameters such as engine speed, coolant temperature, and throttle input. The system will not increase performance until the engine is fully warmed up – and unlike other piggyback devices that don’t monitor throttle input – additional power is seamlessly delivered as throttle input is increased.
Bluetooth connectivity: The JB4 from ScienceofSpeed includes a Bluetooth module. With the optional app available for Apple and Android devices, you can change map selection for different fuels and even monitor and log performance data.
Liquid Injection Integration: the JB4 integrates with the upcoming ScienceofSpeed Liquid Injection System to provide significant gains when used with 91/93 octane fuel. Liquid injection can be added at any time with the plug-and-play harness from ScienceofSpeed.

is this still available?