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Interior FS: Shift Knob, Skunk2 Racing (5-speed)

4 January 2016
Sacramento, CA
Hello all. I'm selling my Skunk2 Racing shift knob (5 speed) for $30 shipped. I bought this from another NSX Prime member last year. I used it for around 3 months, but went back to stock. This knob is weighted and the throws do feel very sturdy with it. Be aware that it can heat up during the hot summers though.

Condition: The knob is clean and in good condition. There aren't noticeable defects when the knob is screwed down. However, there are two defects you should be aware of. One, there is a light scratch located on the top left side, which can be seen in the picture as circled below. Also there is a deeper scratch directly below that which does not appear in the picture, but I circled the location. You can feel the groove, but it's not a major issue, in my opinion.

Please note that this listing does not include the lug nut. Even without this nut, I was able to screw it down tight while also have it facing the proper direction, in my 1992 NSX. This retails for $60 at Skunk2 Racing here. Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!

Top View

Side View w/ defects circled


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