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Fun with a 3d printer. NSX cookie cutter FTW!

27 June 2009
Elk Grove, CA
Made some airplane cookie cutters for a friend and decided to make an NSX cookie cutter. :)

You should put that 3-D printer to good use and start cranking out some hard to find NSX parts...It might be the only option in the future.

Hehe, the build area is kinda small (roughly 4" x 3.75" x 4.25") but yeah I have been printing out brackets and other useful parts for other projects. No reason why it wouldn't work for NSX stuff. :)
Here is a pic of the airplane ones I printed out. I didn't design these cutters (only the NSX one). Someone posted the design for these on thingiverse so I downloaded them and printed them out. These got me thinking as to what else I could make into a cookie cutter. :)

MCB and NSX-R versions. Please, no comments on my lack of frosting skills. :tongue:

I purchased the Makerbot Thing-o-matic last year. Wish I would have waited. Now there is the Ultimaker and the fully assembled Replicator. That is how it always is though. You buy something cool and then they come out with bigger and better versions. Sigh. Drop me a PM once you get it running.
FYI- That NSX-R white shouldn't have a clear coat :biggrin:

..but they sure look tasty! :tongue:

It was the the Keiichi Tsuchiya pearl white version. ;)

They "were" tasty. Got milk? :)
Wow you guys have some cool toys! I remember looking at 3D printers a few years back when there was not really an affordable option. Now you've got me thinking... :biggrin: