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9 September 2006
Kanagawa, Japan
My right running lights on my taillights doesn't turn on. I swapped bulbs with my left side and its not the bulb. when i press my brakes its lights up, just not when i have the lights turned on. Is there a fuse some where that could be blown? and where is it located? Thanks alot!
On your 91 there are two fuses for the tail lights, one for the right and one for the left. If it is the fuse for the rights side you would have other lights out because that is the illumi fuse which also powers the dash, console and marker lights.

Left tail lights= fuse 39 (15 amp) under hood fuse box
Right tail lights= fuse 38 (15 amp) under hood fuse box

i swapped out fuse with another 15 amp and still the same problem. To be more detailed it is the read light on the passenger side of the car (left hand drive)
First thing would be to check the inside of the bulb holder for corroded terminals. Next check the harness connector that plugs into the right tail light. Look for a loose or corroded connector. Also look at the wiring from the connector to the light and from the connector into the harness about 1 foot. Look for wires with cut marks, taps or tape.

Using a volt/ohm meter with the lights on, check for both battery and ground on the wires feeding the tail light bulb. They need to be checked separately to know which one has the problem.

Battery- Red/Black Stripe
Ground- Black

Have you done anything since last time to make it change? Have someone sit in the car, turn it on and watch the light while you move the wiring around behind the lights. Do this also at the plug to the right tail light and also unplug and plug it back in. It sounds like you have a loose/broken ground, the black wire in the plug to the right tail/brake light.

Do you have a Volt/ohm meter?

So going back to the basic, I just decided to replaced both 15A fuse # 38 and 39 and the bulbs on that side and it fixed it. I beleived it was the fuse. Even thought it didnt look broken. Thanks for all your help!!