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Future NSX Owner looking for assistance in El Paso, TX.

26 October 2015
Napa, CA
Hello NSX members. As you can see, I am a new member to the forums however, I've been lurking this forum for years. The NSX has always been a car I've dreamed of owning ever since I saw one of the early models back in 1990 as a kid.

I've finally at a point where I have enough space in the garage to be able to own one.

As recommended by the multitude of buyers guides posted online, they mentioned joining this forum and asking for assistance.

I found an NSX for sale in El Paso and was wondering if there were any members in the area that would be willing to help me inspect the vehicle. Due to my work constraints, I am unable to make the trip down there until mid November. My concern is this NSX may not 'wait' for me.

If anyone out there is willing to lend me a hand and share their expertise, I would greatly appreciate it and would find a way to compensate you for your time.

I have found online companies that would perform an inspection for me but, I know for a fact they won't know the specific detail to look for when looking at an NSX.

If anyone out there can lend me a hand, please reach out to me via email. ([email protected])

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Sorry there has not been a response to your inquiry for help eracer.
I checked the Current Regional NSXCA Membership and found no members in El Paso, TX.
Will have to see if anybody from there will respond.

Good luck with your hunt!

You might get better luck posting in a different Region... El Paso is a hell of a lot closer to Albuquerque, NM or even Phoenix, AZ than many other major Texas cities. I would have to think one of the Arizona/New Mexico people should be able to help out. Just a thought. Good luck.