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Garage Cleaning Sale Part 2

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
Back with more stuff to get rid of, now that I've ripped apart the engine block theres no real value to having things like the spare tire or car cover when/if I ever want to sell the car, so might as well not keep it around collecting dust. Some of these things I have no idea what to ask, so feel free to make an offer if you don't like my price. Prices do not include shipping so PM me with your zip code and I'll get a quote. Thanks to everyone who bought my stuff in the other thread.

1) OEM 1994 spare tire and mounting bracket - $200

Also included is the screw that holds the wheel on the bracket but its in a box in the closet and I don't feel like digging it out right this second. It has all the rubber pads that are usually missing. Tire should obviously not be driven on, I don't think it's ever been used by the looks of it.


2) OEM car cover - $300 SOLD

No rips or tears that I can see. No bag or cable just the cover.



3) OEM CD changer, bracket, magazine - $20 SOLD

No idea if it works, I removed it immediately after buying the car.


4) OEM 1991-1996 flywheel - $200
Less than 3000 miles on it, machining marks are still visible, I believe it's only available as a part of the $1800 OEM clutch kit.


5) OEM titanium rods w/ARP bolts and small end bushings - $400 SOLD

If I'd run these in my build I probably wouldn't be doing it again, but now I've changed directions and am going with Carrillo rods. Machinist resized them too big due to a bad number in the FSM, then resized them correctly but this still left the parting lines too wide by about 0.003" or so. A couple machinists have told me this should be fine, and if you measure in an X you'll find them pretty much spot on 2.0878" give or take a tenth or two, I've taken this into account in the price. Small end bushing were installed by SoS then pin fit by my machinist to 0.0015" clearance with 22mm pins.


6) Wiseco/ScienceOfSpeed 4032 10.2:1 forged 90.5mm pistons - $350 SOLD

These were run in my failed build for 400 miles, they all measure out perfectly at 3.5600" (so 0.003" clearance in a 3.5630" bore) still but I'm going with 2618 Carrillo pistons this time. The tops are ceramic coated and the skirts have a dry lubricant coating and show very little wear, but you could have the coatings redone for $250 or so. One of them had a bit of something stuck to the side of the crown but I got it off and made sure the area was perfectly smooth, shown in photos. Includes piston pins and clips, needs rings. Wiseco 9050XX is the ring part number. There is a 2+ month wait if you order these new.


(the shiny spot is a weird reflection off of the scuff from the micrometer)


7) Cometic/ScienceOfSpeed 0.030 head gasket set - $100 GONE

Only thing left from my last thread. 91mm bore so should work on stock 90mm blocks and bored 90.5mm blocks.

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