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Garage Cleaning Part 3

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
More stuff for sale. Thanks to everyone who bought my other stuff.

Rear driver side knuckle with Carbon6Composites lower ball joint. Ball joint is brand new, I never installed this on my car. - $400 SOLD

Rear driver side upper control arm with Carbon6Composites ball joint. Ball joint is brand new, I never installed this on my car. - $400 SOLD

After David McDavid Acura destroyed the ball joints trying to separate them (directly violating service manual procedure) I was left with these parts so I sent them to Carbon6 to have the ball joints replaced but ultimately just left the new control arm and knuckle on my car so these have been sitting in my closet for the past year or two.


OEM Injectors w/60k miles and new OEM seals - $60 SOLD

These came with the used JDM C30 I bought, supposedly it had about 60k miles on it. I bought the injector seals a while back but the company that cleaned my other injectors had their own so I didn't need them. The injector bodies have some light surface rust but it shouldn't affect anything.


91-94 Throttle Body - $100 SOLD

Fuel rails x2 - $20 each SOLD


91-94 Intake Manifold - $200 SOLD

Yes, I have another intake manifold, I can't get away from these damn things. Includes IACV and FITV, if you want the injectors and/or fuel rail or throttle body spacer thing you can have those with this too.


OEM Twin Disk Flywheel - $250

Has about 2000 miles on it, was installed at 105k and removed at 107k.


OEM spare wheel, mounting bracket, and hardware. - $200 SOLD

Everything you need for that factory complete frunk shot for your bringatrailer listing after the previous owner of your car removed the spare tire. Overall in good condition and includes all the rubber pads and mounting hardware, I don't think it's ever been driven on (nor should it at this point).

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oem spare wheel, mounting bracket, and hardware

Everything sold but the flywheel, items will ship out on Friday, thanks guys.

Bro, I was first to reply about OEM spare wheels and I message you about it. You replied and said you would give me a quote for shipping. Then you never did and now it's sold. Did someone offer you a higher price? I thought there was an honor system to this site. First come first serve.