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ATR Racing Billet Camshafts (Comptech profile) + Billet Fuel Rails

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
Up for sale are my never used ATR Racing billet camshafts. These are clones of the old Comptech hard weld cams but recreated using a superior billet process. After receiving them, at the recommendation of Howard Anderson (owner/operator of Howards Hotrods and Darton East) I had Calico Coatings apply their MicroFinish surface treatment to the camshafts. When I got them back from Calico I thoroughly cleaned them using hot soapy water, dried with compressed air, oiled, and wrapped them in plastic to store them before use, they are 100% ready to go in an engine.

These cams use factory spec non-VTEC lobes to retain excellent idle and cruising characteristics while having increased lift and duration on the VTEC lobes for improved top end power. An upgraded valvetrain is recommended but I've heard of people running them in completely stock heads with no issues. ECU tuning is needed to make the most of these cams, 91-94 cars can be easily tuned on the factory ECU but 95+ cars will need a standalone. These would be a great option if you're swapping auto to manual.


Measurements from these billet cams are listed below, taken as shown in this diagram. (A=primary lobe, B=VTEC lobe, C=secondary lobe)


A) 31.30mm x 36.81mm (5.51mm lobe height)
B) 31.51mm x 38.48mm (6.97mm lobe height)
C) 31.30mm x 37.06mm (5.76mm lobe height)


A) 31.30mm x 36.44mm (5.15mm lobe height)
B) 31.48mm x 38.11mm (6.63mm lobe height)
C) 31.30mm x 36.28mm (4.98mm lobe height)

These measurements were taken from a set of old Comptech cams, for comparison.


A) 31.19mm x 36.92mm (5.73mm lobe height)
B) 31.48mm x 38.45mm (6.97mm lobe height)
C) 31.13mm x 36.59mm (5.46mm lobe height)


A) 31.20mm x 36.37mm (5.17mm lobe height)
B) 31.48mm x 38.11mm (6.63mm lobe height)
C) 31.24mm x 36.22mm (4.98mm lobe height)

All in all, I spent about $3200 on the camshafts then another $400 for the surface treatment. I am asking $3000.

This picture was before the surface treatment.


This is after the MicroFinish process.


As they sit now, wrapped in plastic wrap awaiting their new home in an engine.


Cam Card


High Flow Billet Fuel Rails (SOLD SOLD SOLD)

These were made and sold buy a guy in Australia, I think he's on here but I can't remember his username so feel free to say hi if you see this. I bought them thinking I had a fuel rail issue but that turned out to not be the problem, so I'm reselling these. As far as I know this was the last set of only a handful made and sold. It includes the rails and mounting hardware, but you'll need to supply the AN fittings and lines to connect them together. Hoping to get back most of what I paid which was about $300.

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Yep stock 96 ecu ...no sticks/stems/chips....:wink:
What numbers did you put down? is there a thread i should find to see your details?
Wow, these are gorgeous!

Do these need adjustable cam gears to be installed, or will they re-use the OEM cam gears? Unfortunately adjustable cam gears are hard to find or very expensive for the NSX!

Too temping...
I have a set of aftermarket cams in my 1997 nsx. Its till running on stock ecu. I have some cold idle issues, and the car won't idle low enough to allow the computer to run a full obd2 diagnosis. Other than that, the car rips. I love it.
[MENTION=21305]jvtec95[/MENTION] My understanding is that you're "supposed" to run adjustable cam gears with any aftermarket cams since sometimes the lobes won't be perfectly aligned with the keyways like factory cams, but a lot of people run them without and are fine.
[MENTION=35408]simonasaur[/MENTION] what cams are you running?
The receipts I have say they’re “revolution” and they also call them science of speed. So it’s a bit of a mystery actually. They came installed in the car