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Garage Lift

5 September 2000
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Is anybody using a "personal garage lift" (PGL). Any recommendations? Snap-on has a real nice one (insert Homer Simpson drool)...

A little dream that could become a reality... Sorry, akira3d.
Not yet,m but next fall, when My bro in law is done redoing his house we plan On spiltting one,so I can keep my NSX over his 86 T-ype Regal. I was not aware Snap on made one, I'll have to beat up my sales man next friday!!!!!!


Steve Jenkins
91 Black/Black #2363
There are lots of companies that sell lifts. Don't buy from Snap-on unless you have $$$ to burn. Everything they sell is very, very expensive.

I was sitting in a muffler shop not to long ago thumbing thru a Hot Rod magazine. I saw ads for lifts in the back of the mag. They ranged in price from $1700 to $2500, depending on the weight you wanted to lift.

All I can say is that you need a garage with at least 12-15' ceilings, so you don't put your baby thru the roof.
I don't think 10'2" is going to make it. You need to add a conservative 3.5 feet (approx. height from bottom of door to roof line)to your height to arrive at a bare minimum needed for you to be able to walk under the car. If you are 6' tall, that would put you at 9.5 feet If it does make it will be very close and you will be limited to working on cars with low roof lines. Call the manufacturers of a few different lifts and see how tall the lift is and the min. requirements they suggest.

If you get it to work, please tell the rest of us. I would kill to have a lift in my garage.

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I have a Forward 9000 lb lift in my garage. It needs a 12 ft. ceiling, but I have 13 ft and I think it's the minimum you would need for this. The lift was $3000, installed. Been using it for 1 1/2 years and it works fine. Having a car lift is right up there with owning an air compressor. After you get one you wonder how you lived without it.