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Wheels Genuine NSX-R 2003 wheels - United Kingdom

8 October 2008
SW England
I wish to sell a set of genuine NSX Type R 2003 wheels. They are currently in my loft so this evening I will take them out and take some decent photos.

They were originally purchased by the previous owner of my car from Procar Specials in Germany.

They could do with a refurbish as the prior refurbish was fragile and with the track brake pads my NSX has there is brake dust stuck to them. There are some light scuffs on 1 or 2 wheels from memory. I haven't used them in about 6 years so the tyres are about 9 years old. The main noticeable difference between standard 2002+ wheels and 2002+ type r wheels is the profile of the spokes. They have more of an inward curve and slightly thinner. If required I'm sure I can get people I know to vouch for these wheels having seen them in the flesh.

I wish to sell them for £5000 (GBP) + shipping. I'd like to give priority to UK (can perhaps delivery by car), then Europe and then the rest of the world. I'm not too clued up on sending bulky items overseas so any ideas would be appreciated.


This is when they were on the car. I'll get some better photos uploaded tonight.
I know those rims, as does Detlef and many others. GLWS, rgds Paul