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Getting Anti-lock brake light off Jumper wire?

16 April 2007
I have a 1991 NSX and the ALB system is not working.. I've tied to flush the soleniods, but that didn't help.. My question is, is there A jumper wire I can insert into one of the ALB plugs to get the light to go off?

Yes and No. Yes, you can jump the connector that goes to the pressure switch. No, you don't do it at the solenoid connectors.

The pressure switch is located at the rear/lower part of the ABS Modulator assembly. Disconnect the connector, look at it, and then go to your local salvage yard and get a connector off of a Honda or Acura. I have had the best luck from the salvaged Hondas. You can make a jumper and just put into the harness plug. I can make one up and send it to you if you want. PM me your address.

Get the ABS caution light to stay off and then lets talk about getting the ABS system back up and running.

My light just started flashing what can be wrong with my Anti-Lock?