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Glass edge repair and paint removal

1 July 2020
Hey everyone, the previous owner of my car seems to have caused some damage to the passenger door and did a shoddy repair. from what ive seen the edge of the window is chipped and the lock has overspray (see pictures) is there any way to repair either of these or do they have to replaced? Thanks for any help!

not sure on the window repair, my guess is probably not but i am purely speculating. may want to make sure the jagged nature of the chip isn't cutting/ripping your upper weatherseal

for the lock cylinder, you can clean the paint off since it's only black plastic underneath. There should be an additional black plastic ring around the cylinder that appears missing in your photo. I don't think the plastic ring is sold separately so may have to live without it, if you replace that cylinder it would be for a new key
The chip in the glass probably points to replacement of the window. You might try and take it to a glass repair expert that can try to fill it with resin but it won't look as good as new. Depends on your budget for which you choose.

The door lock looks like it was purposefully painted over but not prepped correctly so the paint is peeling off by itself. Ideally you'd take the lock cylinder out of the door and finish the job by peeling off the rest of the paint, you might have to hit it with some gloss black paint after depending on how easily the silver paint comes off without damaging the black underneath. I'm not sure but I think it's a plastic face.
thats what i was thinking with the glass, i may have found a used one, so fingers crossed its in good condition. As for the lock can they be re keyed? My driver side door is already a different lock from the set. if not i may have to bite the bullet and order a complete set from mita.