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Rather than saying good-bye, just put those you do not wish to communicate with on your ignore list. Use the tools of the forum. Don't change your habits and stop doing the things that bring you joy just because of @#$%! people. You'll run into people that annoy you everyday of your life. JMHO :biggrin: .
ss_md said:
Rather than saying good-bye, just put those you do not wish to communicate with on your ignore list. Use the tools of the forum. Don't change your habits and stop doing the things that bring you joy just because of @#$%! people. You'll run into people that annoy you everyday of your life. JMHO :biggrin: .

I totally agree with this!
Young.....I have no idea what to say :confused: :confused: :confused: I have been fairly pre-occupied lately and just now glanced at the "NorthEast" forum to catch up when I saw this thread. I have no idea what happened and I didn't run a search yet, I'm really just at a lose for words. You have so much positive input to the NSX community that I think it's absurd that you stop with something you obviously have a passion for just because of some child. Of course I respect your opinion, however I do wish you reconsider.

I can totally relate to your experience which is why I think you should rise above this. Without going off topic I wanted to post something which recently happened to me. I have been surfing the Superhonda site lately because I am rebuilding my CRX. Take a look at a sample of a thread I posted in, and look what some idiot said to me when I commented about Karen's TL .........

reposted from a thread on www.superhonda.com
I have no idea what to make of this post. You either:
1. are retarded.
2. are really REALLY happy about the wife's new re-badged Accord (to the point that you subconsciously make up shit about it and believe yourself).
3. have a beat to death NSX that can only do about 70% of what it could stock.
4. are scared to drive the NSX to anywhere near 100%.

There is NOTHING wrong with somebody enjoying or being very happy with a new car... but the outlandish, unprovable, and complete bullshit claims must stop here.

Originally Posted by jadkar
I haven't dyno'd the car, I'm just going off of Manufacturer data. I can tell you though the damn thing is quick as hell. The first weekend I had it I raced some dude out of a toll both on the GSP he was in a slightly modded WRX. He couldn't pull away from me, we were dead even. The TL only had 200 miles on it!! not even broken in. Since then I have had several stints with my own NSX, as well as C5, maximas, and several Bimmers. Some honest facts....

FACTS? Wow... we'll see...

1) The TL is really strange off a dead stop, kinda sluggish until 3500RPM, then very strong up to redline. To get a good launch you have to rev the piss out of it.

True enough. WEAK down low. One fact.

2) The TL has MAD TORQUE STEER. Extremely bad. I'm constantly telling peopl that drive our car "don't floor it unless your pointing straight!!"

Yep. Shitty, shitty torque steer. There's two facts.

3) It pulls as many lateral G's as the NSX. I have one exit ramp near my house that my wife and I always test lateral Gs. It's a constant radius turn with proper banking and smooth pavement. It's posted 35mph and I can hit 65mph in the NSX AND the TL. Believe it or not the TL feels safer, something about a slight understeer that feels better at the limit then a slight oversteer in the NSX. The strange thing is the TL leans like crazy!! But once it settles into it's heavy lean it just sticks like glue!!

You are on crack. You said you DIDN'T get the summer tire option and it's NOT an A-spec? That means it pulls about .81 G's. A stock NSX on stock tires should pull at least .91-.92 G's. And feeling more stable? WTF? I've driven many NSX's, and I've always thought that's one of the best things about them... it's surely not the price.

God, I fucking hate understeer. I guess that's driver preference though.

4) Brakes are better then my NSX. Her car is a 6spd so it has big ass Brembos up front. It stops just as well as my NSX with track pads installed. Brake balance is perfect!!

1995 Acura NSX braking 70-0 170 ft (no track pads and older, smaller brakes)
2004 Acura TL braking 70-0 189 ft

Sounds like you picked some shitty ass track pads. Put the stockers back on, dumb ass. It'll make you stop probably fucking FORTY feet sooner from 70 mph.

5) It's the only car I have ever driven to Florida with (done that trip over a dozen times) that I don't get fatigued while driving. The TL never "hurts" you.

Yes, very comfy. Almost a fact, we'll count that as three.

6) It's quick but obviously there are faster cars....I'm even with Boxster S, while I get smoked by M3 (obviously new ones) S4, maxima, Altima, preludes, G35 (sedan) etc. all fall prey to the TL.

EVEN with Boxster S?!? The Boxster S will run a solid mid-high 13 second 1/4 mile time. I think not.
S4 FALLS PREY?!?! HAHAHAHA. They only run LOW 13's. I guess you're talking about when they're filling up the 'ol gas guzzling V8 and you blow by them, right?

7) on the same trip to Florida I averaged 32mpg!!! Tell me another car that does that with the same performance and weight. Equally impressive my NSX does 26mpg on the highway.

Not bad mileage. I'll give you fact number four.
NSX is not that impressive though.

Wow. Four semi-solid "facts" in that whole thing. You need to either sell that broken ass NSX, or if it's not broken, learn how to drive it. Something is NOT right. A comparison should NOT be made between the performance of the two, and I'm not even a huge NSX fan. It deserves better. It's MUCH better at being a sports car.

Handling: NSX >>> TL
Acceleration: NSX >>> TL
Braking: NSX >>> TL
Steering feel: NSX >>> TL
Balance: NSX >>> TL
Comfort: NSX << TL
Gas mileage : NSX << TL
Interior trinkets: NSX << TL
Rear seating: NSX <<<<< TL

I'm still shocked by your post... it's so fucking insane.

But.... maybe I'm being to harsh here. Maybe they just released a new model TL that runs mid-13 1/4 miles, pulls .95 g's on the skid pad (on skinny all season radials and a sloppy suspension), and brakes from 70 mph in about 155 feet. If so, point me that way, I'm buying one. And I will then apologize.

Otherwise.... WTF, man. You're stupid.

Again I don't mean to go off topic, however I spent 2 hours being furious over this post and typing my reply. After I did, the jerk just conutered back with something else. That's when Karen said...."John just let it go, some people just have nothing better to do with themselves" She was right!! So I just stood taller then him and ignored the post all together.

Young.....for the sake of all the other who enjoy your on-line company....let it go

-Your friend,
Ofcourse I really dont know you Tiger, but your long live your Midnight Pearl....

I think it was Spock who said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few". You can't let Spock down, so I guess you'll have to stay around :)
Hi Tiger-

A popular public servant once said, "If I paid unnecessary heed to all those against me, I would have no time to serve all those who support me."


I want to acknowledge Yong Kim for the help he gave me when
I was buying an NSX two years ago. Yong took the time to
answer some questions I had; he was helpful and gracious.
Thanks again Yong.
Step back

Yong... dude, let good ole KGP offer you similar advice as above: Screw what other people think or write. People on this forum are not ignorant all that you have contributed, nor the manor in which you have done it. BTW, someone point me to whatever flaming threads, as I'm sure I can contribute something of worth; poll or such... :smile:
Don't let the morons get you down! I once had a woman come into my shop with an Integra that barely ran, she was angry (at the world) i found that the dist rotor was missing the screw that holds it to the shaft, it had flopped around inside the car and destroyed it. the car needed much other work(negected) we told her why her car ran poorly and about the other concerns, she then became inraged! she asked to see her cap and rotor so I went to my bench to get it, she asked "why was it over there" basicly accusing me of having caps and rotors lying around to show people and make them buy new ones they don't need. then when her bill was 1.56$ over the estimate (tax) she started yelling at us that we were dishonest and trying to steal from her.
Some people are crazy and stupid dont let them bother you! Just be happy you are not like them! JZ