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9 February 2002
Tappan, NY
I met a 97 NSX driver this weekend and he said he pays $8500 a year for insurance! he is 25 anyone else pay similar premiums??? Its not even worth owning the car at that price
That's ridiculous. He is getting jacked or is bs'ing. I pay way less than that and I am in CA, drive a 97, and am 22 w/a major violation on the record + several other points.

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i met him and 15 min later he got pulled over right in front of me for going the wrong way down a 1 way, while the cop was drving right by waiting for him...
Originally posted by robiferretti:
i met him and 15 min later he got pulled over right in front of me for going the wrong way down a 1 way, while the cop was drving right by waiting for him...

Thats funny!


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I pay 800/yr with nothing on my record and state farm. Just turn 25, so it used to be twice that.

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Originally posted by NormRD:
I pay 800/yr with nothing on my record and state farm. Just turn 25, so it used to be twice that.


That's fantastic. I have State Farm also. Maybe I need to renegotiate.

How many miles per year do you drive and what's you deductible?


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800/yr is incredible. I'm with State Farm and I'm paying $1120 ($500 deductible) with a perfect record and a multi car discount. They cover my RL as well. I'll be 32 this year.

Is it because your in Texas. I'm in MD.

My insurance is less than $1000 annually, and I have a $250 deductible and pretty much full coverage. I've got USAA insurance, no tickets, no accidents, and am 29. $5000 a year is highway robbery, although if you have enough risk factors (age, driving record, prior claims), insurance can get expensive very quickly.
Yes I am in Texas but even when I was in Houston (most expensive county in TX) my insurance was only a couple of hundred more/year. I do have a mulitcar discount and a $500 deductible. The NSX is listed as my daily driver, I have put nearly 20K miles/year on it. I do have a clean record and have been with the same insurance agent for 10 years.

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Those risk factors matter. So does location. The price with the same company can vary quite a bit from one state to another, from a suburb to a central city, etc.

Insurance companies vary in price as well as customer service for policy changes and customer satisfaction on claims. There's a great article about this, including ratings of all the major insurance companies, in the September 1999 issue of Consumer Reports. You should be able to find it at your local public library.

Best bet is to shop around. You may wish to try Insweb, a web-based service that provides insurance prices from numerous companies.

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I'm ONE of the Bozo's paying 800/month.

Back when I was 18 and bought my '98 Cobra I was paying $3,000/6 months.
This was by FAR the best rate I could find after shopping many insurance companies. Farmers was the worst. They quoted me $5,400/6 months.

When I bought my NSX at 20, they quoted me at $3,600/6 months. I managed to work the agent a bit and got my rate down to $2,100 or so by buying another car and designating my NSX as a second car.

Keep in mind, these numbers are with Multi-line, and a Multi-car discount, along with a 10% accident free discount on a CLEAN driving record.

I found that American Family insurance consistently gave better rates than anyone else (Lower than my rates by 30% or so) but they did not operate in WA state so I took State Farm which was the second best.

My Current Coverage amount is:
Liability 100/300/100
Comprehensive (250 ded)
Collision (500 deductible)
Underinsured Motorist (50)

Insurance sucks.
I have to sell my NSX now because of insurance. I hate them. All of them.
I'm 24 pay a little less than $900 per year with Geico. Have multi-car discount, $500 deductable, and a good driving record. Hoping that it goes down a little more in a few months when I hit 25.
Look around some more before just selling the cra because of insurance. Have you tried Geico? They give 25% premium discount for joining the NMFA at $15 per year.
Or private me and try my specific State Farm agent.
I'm 24 in Los Angeles and pay $130 per month for FULL coverage like yours.
Also try esurance.com as worst case scenario. They have no service to think of, but you can bind online and their rates have been dirt cheap. I use them when buying a new car for proof of insurance. I get away with a very small initial payment to start and then cancel after a couple months once I've found the rate I want.

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Are rates generally high on the Washington side of the Portland area, or are your rates high solely because of your young age?
Man you guys gotta raise your deductibles! 'Insure yourself' as they say. Taking your deductable from $250 to $1000 will have a dramatic affect on your premiums.
I don't even want to talk about what I am paying out to Geico. But, come on, look where I live! It's amazing I even get to own a car

NYC... grrrrr...
WA for some reason has some odd Insurance laws. Most of the insurance companies have all pulled out of WA from what I understand.
Also raising my deducltibles to 500 only changes my premium something like $200/6 months or so. Which equates to a monthly change of 30 dollars.
Hence the low deductables. Raising it to 1,000 still only changes it by 50 or so dollars a month. I guess if you do the math, If I don't get in a wreck for 20 months I save money...Although for me, its not worth the risk.

21 Year old, soon to be 22 +NSX =bad bad bad risk.

Apparently we Young'uns are psychotic drivers.

If people my age would QUIT getting in stupid accidents maybe my rates would go down!!
I bought my NSX when I was 23, and my rate was $1600/year...it just dropped to $800 when I turned 25.

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