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Great CDN Tire Imact Gun Deal

15 October 2002
West Vancouver
I am a collector of impact guns as it is impossible to have too many of these.

CDN Tire has a great deal on now, but it is ending VERY SOON. It does not appear on line, only in store and in this weeks flier (delivered to me yesterday). I immediately went to buy it.

They are offering THIS GUN with THIS SOCKET set, for $100. I needed a pro set of sockets and have been eyeing these for a while for them to go on sale. This is a great set. The reviews of the plug in gun are great, I have not used it so I dont know if the claims of being able to torque to 240lbs/ft is real or not. The reviews say that it pulls off tight lugs no problem.

If you're into doing your own work and may have need for an impact set up, this deal is worth it for the socket set alone.

$100 for the two of these is a no brainer if you have any need.
Remember Dave they are for taking things apart in your garage, not your bedroom. Although, Becky has been known to mistake me for an impact gun at times! :tongue:
oh i got one of those.

actually gone through 3 of them lol

warranty is great.

it does the job, i abused mine. several motor swaps/suspension. i dont have an air compressor, but that does the job
I already have an air compressor and a whole bunch of air tools, but I've always wanted to try out the electric ones... thats a great deal for $100, heck the sockets alone would be worth it. Gotta add to the collection of tools, guess I know where I'm going on my lunch hour today... lol
I bought the Crappy Tire cordless impact gun last year and find it useful, this one (if its got the advertised torque) should do the trick.

Thanks for the heads up Dave!
Yeah, the cordless TKO is somewhat useful, but best I can figure is that its limit is about 80lb/ft. So I use my breaker bar to losen the lugs and then unwind them with the TKO when I need to do this quietly (at night). I do have a compressor and it is a fair bit better, but mine only puts out 3.7 scfm at 90psi, so even with it, I find that theres always a lug or two on each wheel that I have to break by hand. But the vroooom sound of the air tools rocks. All the neighbourhood chicks love it. When I see a better compressor on sale or a great deal, I will get it.

Im hoping that this plug-in-gun will be powerful enough to loosen the tightest lugs itself. And my lugs are never more than 100lb/ft as Im torquing them with every wheel swap, which is every couple of weeks. If it isnt, no sweat because I would have paid $100 for that socket set (it is on sale for $75 alone, but the gun is certainly worth $25).

Here is another great deal. I bought this drill earlier this spring for double this. It works great so far and it comes with a ton of useful bits.

Thanks for posting this Dave. Player2 pointed out this thread to me and I bought the pair tonight. Those sockets seem to be of excellent quality. Normal price is $200! Great deal getting them and the impact gun for $100. You're right about the cordless, it is rated at 80 ft-lbs. I can use the new gun for removing nuts and the old one for putting them back on (then following up with the torque wrench).
Im glad that you guys are picking these up!

I put the gun to the test on the Sienna and it pulled off the lugs easily. I have a feeling that my compressor is going to not get used so much. Why bother when this gun works so well?

And these sockets are amazing!

I love this deal!