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Great Deals on Maintenance

9 February 2000
I had an O2 sensor replaced today at NSX Modified. Larry said: one 02 is $120 and $220 for two. That's for parts and labor.

That's a good deal considering the fact that a Tracy Townsend discounted price on an O2 sensor is in the neighborhood of $170 or so!

Apparently, he found the same O2 sensor sold through someone other than Honda.

PS: Larry said $1150 out the door for his clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, tranny fluid, all labor, etc.

For those of you with cars in the Snap Ring range, there was a snap ring car there. The car's tranny sounded HORRIBLE.

He said he charged, $2000 for a brand new tranny housing, new clutch, + all other necessary parts and labor for a snap ring failure/preventative.

I'm glad I live within 20 minutes of NSX Modified.