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Group Buy - Blinder X-Treme Laser Countermeasures (Jammer)

18 June 2003
Washington, D.C.
I have the opportunity to put together a group purchase on the Blinder X-treme M20 and M40 laser jammers if people are interested. I have recently purchased a 2002 996 C4 Cabriolet and having this type of countermeasure in my other cars, I feel naked driving around without one. I have purchased and used Lidatek LE30's in the recent past and they seemed to work reasonably well. But when I did some research on how well the different laser countermeasures really worked, I was a bit taken aback by the results that I found. While the Lidatek LE30 has worked effectively for me so far (2 actual saves), the testing revealed that it had a jam rate of only 39%! Not very confidence inspiring. The same test revealed a jam rate of 92% for the Blinder X-Treme. That is much more reassuring. These results are from a 2005 evaluation, but I think the Blinder unit has been top rated since at least 2003. You can read about the test methodology and results at:



The information in the two web sites is presented from the same data, just in a slightly different format.

The first site is Speed Measurement Labs' site and the second is a company that sells detectors and jammers. I don't believe that Speed Measurement Labs sells any products. Rather, they are a consulting , training, and testing company that works with both the equipment manufacturers and police departments. A strange arrangement, but they seem to make it work. I met Carl Fors of SML at a national NSX event in 1998 where he brought along a laser gun for participants to hold and use to measure the speed of random cars going down the road near the headquarter hotel. I seem to remember his assertion at that time was that laser detection is next to useless and that active jamming is the only solution.

That was when lasers were not all that common around the country. Now they are everywhere.

Another test of different laser countermeasures is here:


With my personal experiences, I'm sold on the concept. And now I've got the opportunity to put together a group buy for these top-rated units at an unbeatable price, so I thought I'd try to pass along the benefits (I'm also taking advantage of this discounted price, FYI). I'm not trying to sell this particular unit on anyone. I know that other units can work (and you can see which ones don't work at all in the above tests). However, if you've been interested in getting this particular brand of laser countermeasure, but were waiting for the right deal to come along, then this may be a great time to jump in.

I can get the Blinder X-Treme M20 (2 transponders for front mounting only) or the Blinder X-Treme M40 (2 transponders for the front and 2 transponders for the rear of a car or you can put all 4 transponders on the front of a large vehicle) to you at a greatly reduced price.

Blinder X-Treme M20 = $255 (list $349) + Priority Mail shipping of $10 to lower 48 US only
Blinder X-Treme M40 = $440 (list $599) + Priority Mail shipping of $15 to lower 48 US only

At this price, all I can do is checks/money order/cashiers checks. If someone wants to offer their merchant account to run credit cards through, I'd be willing to work with you. But I'd be charged about 3% and that seems kinda steep to me. Then again, if the majority of people would rather just go ahead and suck up the 3% charge for the convenience of using a credit card, I guess I can accept that through Paypal.

I'm not a dealer, just a user of products. And, in fact, I have not used this one personally myself. But I have read the reviews and they are extremely encouraging. In comparison, I think the 2 transponder Lidatek LE30 would set me back $599 today.

Full disclosure. I'm organizing this group buy, in part, to take advantage of what I consider to be a great deal. I'm looking to cover costs with a small overage for contingencies like extra postage/packaging fees or need for returns, telephone calls, etc. Laser countermeasures are illegal in the states of California, District of Columbia, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia. This list may not be comprehensive, but was apparently accurate in 2004.

Full information about these products is available at:


The manual is available here:

http://www.usblinder.com/us/M20 Manual printversion.pdf

These units are being sourced through an authorized Blinder channel and will include the full one year warranty and their unique 1 year ticket refund program. Frankly, I’m not sure how the ticket refund program works. I’ll get details shortly. For me, at least, that’s not a significant factor.

If you're interested in this group buy, please respond here and e-mail me at: "auctions at m-powered dot com" and I'll put you on the list. Once we get critical mass, we'll discuss payment and shipping options. For this first round, I'm going to try to limit it to 24 units as this is my first time trying something like this. If it is popular, I'll put out a second round - assuming I don't have to suck up a bunch of unexpected expenses.

Best wishes,
David Hwang
Excellent, thanks for putting this together!

I am in for at least one M20, maybe 2. Do you have any install pics? Can I pick it up locally (I am in MD).
White94 said:
Excellent, thanks for putting this together!

I am in for at least one M20, maybe 2. Do you have any install pics? Can I pick it up locally (I am in MD).

Awesome. I'll add you to the list for one. If you want a second one, let me know.

I do not have any install pics on an NSX. I sold my NSX a couple of years ago. But I'm still an NSX lover at heart -- member number 1 of the NSXCA!

I'd put a post on one of the foums here seeing if anyone else has installed this on their NSX already. I would suspect yes. I will be getting my unit in a couple of days. Perhaps I'll have time to install it this weekend on my 996 and I'll have pictures of that install when I do it. But knowing my schedule, don't hold you breath too long -- you may pass out...

Yes, M5guru as well. I guess we can add 996guru soon, too!

It's very different joining a loyal owner community that has roots dating back decades. The NSX was so exciting because none of this had ever been done before!

Nice to hear from you. Wanna laser jammer? :)
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