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Gruppe M V3 Exhaust & Comptech Sway Bars

14 February 2000
Eugene, OR., USA
I went today to have my Gruppe M V3 exhaust installed on my '91 NSX and found out that the Y pipe that replaces the cats would not fit with my Comptech rear sway bar in place. It looks like the Dali rear sway bar will fit because of the diffent bends in the bar. Has anyone run into this problem and if so, what rear sway bar have you used.


Hi Brad,

I have the Dali and it clears with no problems. Hope you get it on soon, I want to know your impressions.
I ordered a stock sway bar for a '91 and it should work fine with the GM V3. I checked with Dali and he is out of stock on sway bars and is going to change to the Comptech style to fit all years to save on cost.