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GruppeM Side Skirts?

25 April 2005
Western PA
These may or may not be real. I got them from the thread below many years ago and they have collected dust in the garage. When I finally pulled them out and did a detailed inspection, I realized they would require A LOT of work to make them somewhat presentable and are not worth it in my opinion. The ugly green color should have been my clue to stay away from the original purchase. The previous owner also haphazardly drilled irregular, unevenly spaced holes through these into their original (!) side skirts. There's many stress cracks. I held them up to my car and it also looks like it would take a lot of work to make it fit.

My town cleanup day is 8/15, so if there's no interest by then these are going in the trash.

$100 shipped in the continental US due to the size and weight.


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