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GruppeM version 3 exhaust is here!!!!!

24 May 2000
Altoona, PA
I am proud to announce I am the first owner of the awesome new version 3 exhaust. The exhaust is totally redesigned from the version 2 and is better than ever. Changes include an all new y-pipe with larger diameter piping into the stunning new smaller twin mufflers. There are 4'' single oval tips exiting the beautifully rounded end caps on the mufflers. The quality is simply amazing especially when observing the polished welds on the mufflers. The entire exhaust is fully polished and the sound is just as high pitched as the old one. Also the version 3 is a 12 pounds lighter than the version 2!!!!!!

The exhaust was very easy to install and aligned up perfectly. The exhaust tips are perfectly aligned and I couldn't be happier with the look of the tips.

Even better than the exhaust was the amazing service I received from Alex V. of GruppeM USA. I originally ordered a version 2 exhaust in the beginning of August. I received the exhaust mangled from Fed Ex. I was very disappointed and Alex V. quickly offered ways to make up for Fed Ex's damages. He offered me a VERY big discount and quickly credited the discount back to my credit card. He gave me his cell phone, office, and even house number so that I could get in contact with him. However, to both our surprise the version 2 was no longer available and it took till the middle of December before I finally received my new version 3 exhaust. It was a blessing in disguise because the version 3 is much nicer than the version 2. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with both GruppeM products and Alex V. I can't wait to add more GruppeM products to my car.

I have a lot of good pictures. If someone could post them for me within this topic I would appreciate it. I can send the pics. Thanks.
I love to hear stories about excellent vendor services. I have also received great customer care from Alex V way back when most of you don't even know what Gruppe M was
I think it's great that Alex along with Chris of Scienceofspeed are bring into the US these superb Japanese products. Now I don't have to import them myself!

G Dummy~

Faster than stock.
:D :D :D
Originally posted by jsottile:
I have a lot of good pictures. If someone could post them for me within this topic I would appreciate it. I can send the pics. Thanks.

E-mail them to me and I'll post them ASAP!
Glad to hear you finally got your exhaust! Weren't you the guy who received one of the last V2 exhausts only to discover it had been damaged in transit? I remember reading that story and feeling sick just at the thought of it.

From looking at your pictures, I really like how they redesigned the canisters to be more sleek. When I first unwraped all the packaging material around my V2 and set it down in the living room, I was shocked at how huge the canisters were relative to the stock exhaust. Although there's a lot of space up underneath the rear end of the car, so it doesn't stick down too much when mounted.

In what way does the V3 sound different from the V2? Or are they both nearly identical sounding despite their different dimensions?

Only negative I can see is the oval tips. I like the dual tips so much better. Maybe if I saw these new tips in person I would change my mind, but from the picture I can't say I care for the looks of them. Please upload a picture of the entire rear of your car from a ways back so we can see what it looks like from a distance!

Regarding the required removal of the cats: Look at those pictures. The piping layout looks <u>exactly</u> the same as that of the V2 exhaust. So I think it's safe to say it does require removal of the cats.

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I was looking at those pictures again and noticed there's a large hole in the lower part of your bumper! Looks almost like it was cut on purpose. What's that all about?
Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
Large hole?? You sure you're not seeing a reflection?

Your right... it's just a reflection. I keep my monitor's brightness turned down extremely dark since the brightness annoys me in a dimmly lit room. After turning it up a bit I no longer see that silly hole!
Maybe Alex is around here to answer these questions.

I too would like to know if they managed to improve the sound above 5000rpm. It's not that the V2 sounds bad above 5000 rpm-- relative to other exhausts it still sounds really good. But when you hear how piercing it sounds at 3500 rpm, you wish that sound would continue accross the entire rpm range all the way to readline-- but it doesn't.

I'm almost certain the V3 requires removing the cats. Look at the pictures above-- you can see the cats have been removed. The only way it could work with cats is if GruppeM offers the option of a different pipe. But I really doubt they do. I suspect this exaust would be too quiet and polite with cats anyway.
To clarify a few of the questions:
-The exhaust is only available with the single 4'' oval tips. The reason was to correct the problem of the dual tips burning the valence. There is no way to get it with dual tips, I tried.
-The exhaust does require removal of the cats. The pictures show this and I can send a picture looking at the bypass pipe looking from the other side if you guys want. I am pretty sure that you would not be able to get a different y-pipe to accomodate cats.
-The price is the same as the version 2 at around $2700 shipped to your door.
-I can't comment on the differences in sound because I live in PA and I have never heard the version 2 in person. Also I can't get any sound files because we have 2 feet of snow. I believe Alex V. is working on getting sound files.
-I had a version 2 but never heard it because it was damaged. Everything was changed including the bypass pipes and mufflers so I would assume there has to be some sound differences.

Also the design of the version 3 came from the titanium prototype they were working on.
Originally posted by cojones:
Did they fix the problem with the V2 Gruppe M exhaust,
wherein the exhaust note levels off at above 5K RPM ??


I don't think you can call this a problem. I think it's more of a charateristics of Gruppe M exhausts. Actually, the high pitch continues all the way to the redline, and you can hear this from outside of the vehicle. From inside the cabin, the high pitch does level off around 5k rpm. When I had my car dynoed, I was able to hear the shrill all the way to the redline and I must say, it sounded really good.

As for the difference between V2 and V3, the canisters are smaller, Y-pipe is bigger in diameter with slightly differnt design, and of course the change to single tip. As for sound difference, V3 seems to be bit quieter at idle (maybe this will change over time), and I think the sound is little more refined than the V2. I didn't get to spend much time with the V3, so perhaps next time, I should have more info on the sound difference.

I will have the write up of V3 on my site in couple of days including pics of jsotille's exhaust.

Here are the differences between the version 2 and 3 Gruppe M exhaust system:

1. The version 3 uses smaller, lighter canisters, with stamped welded on end caps, versus a totally handmade canister on the version 2.
2. Version 3 uses single ovoid (in contrast to oval) tips each side versus the round dual tips on the version 2. While I must say the dual tips on the version 2 were probably the best looking dual tip set up I have seen on an exhaust system, the version 3 exhaust tips are actually looking pretty good as well. I had my concerns at first, but once it is on the car, it actually looks good, and I like it.
3. The Y-pipes are of a different design. It uses larger pipes and a more flowing design on the version 3, with a 3-bolt flange to the mufflers, versus a 2-bolt flange on the version 2.
4. The sound was a bit softer than the version 2 when it was first started up, but "matured" into a louder, high pitched sound very similar to version 2 after several miles of driving.
5. Biggest difference, version 3 is 12 pounds lighter than version 2, and is a full 25 to 30 pounds lighter than the stock (~45 lbs) muffler! Total weight savings is even more considering you are losing both cats.

Price for version 3 is the same as version 2, at $2680, but I can probably get it for several hundred less in a group buy situation (4 buyers minimum).

As for the sound above 5000 rpms, let me know if there is anything missing in this version 2 sound and video clip taken at Road America:

There sure isn't anything missing there! :)


Originally posted by GruppeMUSA:
As for the sound above 5000 rpms, let me know if there is anything missing in this version 2 sound and video clip taken at Road America:

There sure isn't anything missing there! :)



Awesome Alex! I had to turn my speaker dial at first after jumping from my chair ........ very nice F1 sound.

Now, will this pass Laguna Seca, I doubt it though .....

i think i could be talked into it....i am going to order a header system and shock system from SOS but i have heard good things about this exhaust....but lets see how the numbers crunch

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