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Grybrd: super honest seller, overall great guy

18 August 2012
I recently bought a 1994 NSX from Grybrd. This was a sale based COMPLETELY on trust as I did not have time to see the car in person prior to completing the sale. He provided me with lots of references who all spoke volumes about his honesty, character, and most of all, his beautiful stock 1994 NSX. I also had the car inspected by Ben of Daisy Imports who agreed it was in A+ condition in and out. The day before we were to complete the sale, he received another offer for $5k above what I was paying but REFUSED it because we had already agreed on a selling price. I don't know of too many people that would do that. Keep in mind that at this point, there was not even a deposit put down (nor at any point was there a deposit). Also keep in mind that both of us are working folks (read: not rich) and an extra 5k goes a long way.

I mailed him a personal check for $30,000 with absolutely no hesitation - he mailed me a signed title and a bill of sale within a week.

Last week I received my new (old) 1994 NSX and it is absolutely 100% as described. Grybrd took the time to make sure the car was in perfect condition on delivery.

I cannot emphasize enough that this deal was done completely based on trust and an over-the-phone handshake. Looking back, there were plenty of stressful moments where I thought to myself "wow, this is risky business", but in the end, I am so glad there are still honest, NSX-loving folks like Grybrd around.

And now I have a beautiful NSX in my driveway.

Thanks, Grybrd :)


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