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Had a blow out, but now I get new tires.

13 January 2006
I just pulled the NSX out of storage ( we've had a long winter up here). I inflated all the tires to proper pressure and was driving it in to wash/detail and had a blowout. The TCS light flashed on as I was shifting into third, I slowed down and it went flat. I was probably only doing about 50 when it went. The rim looks fine, but the tire is shredded. :mad:

I got to use the funny orange spare after calling roadside assistance. The lugs were torqued down too much for the spare lug wrench, but the spare inflated fine and got me back into town.

I stopped into the Goodyear shop to order up a set of F1 GS-D3s. The 255/35/18 was discountinued and they didn't have a production date and were out of stock for the 265/35. I went home and checked out Tirerack.com. They had a closeout on Pirelli Pzero Neros(summer):

The PZeros wouldn't be my first choice, but at that price I couldn't pass them up!

Has anyone used this tire? What did you think?

Sorry about the long post, but I still have a little adrenaline going after the incident.