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Happy Belated Birthday Clem

21 August 2003
Edison, New Jersey
:eek: Sorry I missed it but belated Birthday wishes are almost as much fun :biggrin:

I hope you had a GREAT time on your Birthday :biggrin:

All the best for health, happiness, and a great year ahead :biggrin:

Happy birthday to my breakfast buddy. Last I new your NSX was alittle sick. I hope you got to atleast take her for a spin for your b-day instead of the Subbie.
Jesse and Masha
I'll jump on the belated band-wagon.... Hope you had a happy birthday!

Hi Guys & Gals;

Yes I have just gone on on the Prime site - as I have been busy playing catch
up.. since My T-Belt repair.. car runs fine now after my rechecking the timing
marks to find they were a little off - my friend / Honda Tech with younger eyes than mine was able to see clearly my mistake.. and we reset it and all is well.. This growing old is not really fun though...
Thankyou all
Clem... PS. Dont forget AUG. In OTIS :smile: :smile: :smile: