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Happy Birthday Climberao!!!

28 March 2002
Don't burn down the house trying to light all those candles........

Healthy Happy Birthday!!! I hope that you take the day off and go enjoy the day!!!:biggrin:
Happy B-day!
Happy Birthday Old Fella:biggrin:
Happy Marvelous, Tremendous, Awesome, Outstanding, Formidable (en francais, I think. Yikes, that's it for the vocabulary) Birthday.
Not exactly on time
I can't thank you enough for the jibes and good wishes for my BDay
Bob - The fire department was on call just in case and I used an inhaler before attempting to blow out the candles

Rog - Nope, had to come to work to meet several people with "outrageous French accents"

Don - :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :cool:

Carla - Merci, Muchas Gracias, Ua koj tsaug,Xie xie,

Everyone else - thanks again and I can't wait till our next get together to trade stories and see what new toys we acquired during the winter months
Happy Birthday, Alan!

Hi Allan;

Hope your Birthday was Great !! see ya soon in June if not before.. I'm in training for the walk on june 8th.

Regards Clem & Lori