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Happy birthday Drifter


Have a good one!
best wishes Chuck!
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Thanks guys. Had my NSX out for a Birthday drive and had one hell of a close call with two dear. I tell you what the best birthday present ever was shooting the gap at 65 mph between two very large dear. While the guy tailing my butt two close for comfort trying to get me to race T-bones the dear I narrowly missed. It was two close for comfort. I could have reached out either window and touched them. I'm surprised I didn't have nose print running down the side of my car. I pulled over to make sure the guy was alright. When I seen that he was I had to rub in the fact that if he wasn't riding my *** he would have seen them coming.

All is well cars tucked away for winter safe in the garage. :smile:
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Happy Belated Birthday Chuck. Now go out and celbrate Again :biggrin:
Happy Belated Belated B'day Chuck...