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Happy Birthday Pbassjo

28 March 2002
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My man Joe......Hugs from Pa........hey ,where and when was the shindig?
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Happy Birthday buddy! You're 80?!!:eek: You don't look a day over 75!:biggrin:

Best wishes :smile:

Tytus and Basia
Happy Birthday Joe!!! I'm right behind you, just remember, "life begins at 60"!!! I still owe you a ride in the "fountain of youth"!!!!!:wink:
Thank you for the birthday wishes. People have told me "you're stuck in the 60's" and now, I AM! :biggrin:
Happy Belated Birthday Joe sorry we missed the party but I hope it was a blast !
Happy birthday Joe. Sorry we couldn't make the party. We were at the Arctic Circle that day !!
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Happy Birthday JOE !! And many more healthy & happy.. Regards Clem.

Ronnie Is that near the place where we had the pictures taken of our NSX's at Buffalo???????? (Artic Circle??):biggrin:

Happy belated birthday!

The early 60's are easy; its the later 60's that can get you! Boy, do I know!:biggrin:

Thank ye Frankie!:smile:

People have oft said that I was "stuck in the sixties", now, I AM!:biggrin:
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Happy Belated Joe San. Hope all is well and you had a nice BD. We missed you in Colorado.
Happy Birthday Joe!