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Harness Bar

18 January 2005
Dallas, Texas
Anyone have a suggestion for a relatively cheap, easy to install harness bar - besides the Dali 3.1a and 3.1b (out of stock). I'm trying to minimize the amount I have to cut into the upholstry, etc.

(Comptech?, Dali Cro-Magnon Racer/Street?)

Thanks for the help.

don't know if theres other companies that make harness bar for NSX besides Dali
IMO, the quality of Dali harness bar is very good and its also very easy to install without any upholstery modification (maybe the seatbelt bolt cover depending on how you do it).
Its worth the wait, unless you're absolutely in a hurry!!!
I recently bought the Mugen bar from King motorsports for I think 900 bucks...it was expensive and I did not know how long to wait for the SOS harness bar...the advantage with the Mugen bar is that it is stressed from Mugen and fits tight...this allows additional stiffness in the NSX...I noticed a difference as soon as I put it in...

You pay more for Mugen...but this time I think it is worth it...