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Hasta La Vista

3 June 2007
What a time to put away my car, after just completing a 1250km road trip to PA with the NE NSX Club. Cruised some of the best roads PA has to offer, visited some of the most distinguished Frank Lloyd Wright homes and paid my respect to those who lost their lives at the Flight 93 Memorial. Not to mention, being able to spend hours of fun socializing with my American friends who as I found out, have the same need for speed as I do, and being able to drive my car the very way the Mfg. intended it to be driven. Thanks to some great leaders I've followed around countless corners while in the USA and those that helped make the Buffalo Stampede II and FLW II weekends a success. I have great personal comfort to be able to put my car away for another winter and cherish the memories provided.

Like you, I have my own morals and values, ones I have stood by for over 35 years when they were first written. To change them would mean change what I believe in, change what drives me and change the very things that made me who I am and that's not going to happen - not now and not ever.

I believe in equality, not an easy task when you're a woman in a man's world. I've seen it in my business, being one of the first women to open an independent Int'l Freight Forwarding Company and told I'd be bankrupt in 6 months - ah what a nice 17 yrs it's been. Seen it in motorcycle racing being the first women to race the "current day" superbikes with the men in over 15 yrs, seen it in ski racing, ATV racing, Harley clubs, boating, golf and just about everything I've done including being a member of the NSX Club of Canada. Being successful as a women is to some men very threatening and that's okay, it's just the way it has been and will always be.

I've supported the club more so then most members, not to be mistaken for members on the Executive who surpass what it means to be a "volunteer" for their countless hours of work. Over the past 5 years I've assisted and led most of the cruises you've all been on, hosted yearly BBQ's at my home for a bunch of members and their families, most of whom I don't even know, and provided suggestions to make the club a better environment for all.

There is a heavy price that comes with being a leader, especially when you're a women and at times it gets a little overwhelming having to hear the controversy that surrounds the decisions you make, knowing the decisions made were solely based on experience, integrity and concern for others and not about yourself. This has never been about me, and always about the club and it's members being able to have experience the same great roads and drives (or rides) I've been able to link together.

It's been fun, but it's also been a very hurtful experience when some express their views with different intentions. There are always rules and regulations of any club, written or verbally expressed and then there are values. Each club has them and as a member we respect and adhere to them. If you don't like what you see, then you have a choice to make.

After 6 years I've made my choice - I'm tossing in the reins, moving onto other avenues. Thanks to past and present Executives, most of your work is highly unappreciated and most have no idea what it takes to make it work. Keep it up!

Hasta La Vista to everyone who has supported my efforts. Watch out in the twisties - you just might get passed! See you on the track or at NSXPO 2013

Not sure what to make of this but very nicely worded post. It was nice to cross paths with you with the NSXCC and best wishes in all your endeavours.

Keep the shiny side up! :biggrin:
Only spoke a handful of times on Prime and met you once at the last cruise (which was awesome btw) but those are some incredible achievements Shawna. For a club member like myself of only a year and half it is still abundantly clear that your contributions to the NSXCC have been significant and I'm sure they will be missed. Hope to see you around.
I only came across this post today. I really think that the club has lost a good friend and member. I haven't been a member for long but have been on a few cruises led by shawna and I attended the last BBQ at her house. I must say that shawna's contributions to the club will be missed. I think she did an awesome job of any leading she did on cruises I had the privilege to attend.

I think you should reconsider shawna and ignore the views of some and stay with the club!