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Have any bad experiences shopping online?

I've used them in the past and they're great. Regarding delivery times for ex. I ordered the top windshield moldings and clips on 6/28/21 and got it 7/7/21 using their DHL option.
In a lot of cases the shipping time will depend heavily on how long it takes for them to get whatever you order from the original supplier. Blackhawk isn't going to stock anything NSX related, so you order from them then they order from the manufacturer like Toda or Spoon or whatever. It took 2 and a half months when I ordered Spoon calipers from them, for example.
I have placed 2 orders separately. 1st one was good and fair shipping price. The 2nd one, I was not happy with them. After 2-3 weeks of placing the order, I received an email that they needed to ship with DHL rather than UPS. Their excuse was the item was large and UPS would not take them. So they jacked up the shipping price to the amount that was almost equal to the price of items that I placed. When I received the box, the weight and the size of the box were about the same as the 1st box. I believe the items that they listed were so low by their mistake so they used an excuse to charge double the original shipping price.