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Head unit or Amp?

3 July 2012
McKinney, TX
How can I eliminate my head unit from the speaker amps? Tons of static. The CD changer has been removed and iphone cable installed. Iphone and radio both sound bad...seems to get a little better when it warms up..but still not good. Dont want to go aftermarket. prefer to stay OEM...Should I just start with replacing the amps? 92 model....
The amps all fail so if they have not been rebuilt they will need to be. The head units are also starting to fail on the older cars so you may need to have it reworked also. About the best way to tell what is going on is to plug in a known good head unit and see what happens.
I'm in McKinney Texas. Just North of Dallas. I know the amps have not been rebuilt. Without having another stock head unit, I suppose I should start fixing the amps.
What is the typical fix on the head unit?