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Headlight Adjustment on '05

12 February 2009
Kingwood, TX
First of all - hello to NSXPrime. I'm a long time lurker but I have a recently purchased (1 week ago) pristine, totally unmolested 2005 that I'm just getting to know. This is a spectacular car by the way that I'm absolutely thrilled to drive. I'm also the long time owner of a 1972 Detomaso Pantera, which is a spectacular car in it's own right, but a relatively uncivilized brute of a vehicle. The NSX is sort of the polar opposite of a Pantera, the anti-Pantera if you will.

But to the point of my post, during my first night time driving experience in the NSX, I noticed that the HID low-beam lights were aimed incredibly low, almost like fog lights. They did a superb job of lighting up about 20 feet ahead of the car, which is nice for pulling into a darkened garage or parking lot, but not all that useful for actually seeing the road ahead of the car at night. During a quick inspection I located the horizontal and vertical adjuster screws on the headlight housings and decided to 'fix it'. However, when I raise the low-beams, the high-beams appear to go with them. At the point where the low-beams are properly aimed, the high-beams end up being way too high. I don't see any separate adjustments for the high and low beam lights. And I should mention that I am very sensitive to not aiming the HID low beams so high that oncoming traffic is blinded. I'm just trying to see where I'm going at night.

Am I correct in that there is no way to move the high and low beams individually? If so, it seems like Honda really dropped the ball on that. Is there anything I can do other than pick a compromise high-low beam aiming position for the headlight housing?

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments. This is a great forum.

Dave Bell
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well it wasnt so pristine then huh LOL

I noticed that on my 04 they seemed to be a little low. depending on how level the road your on or driveway. but I even think my 92 pop-up seems low on some days and high on other days

then driving my 08 TL they seem to high

I think getting into one car and driving then getting into another car and drive your brain isnt use to the way the lights are projected

But I trust honda and live with it.
Yup...both the low and high beams move together!