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Headrest question

I beg to differ, although MiamieNSX is pretty much right unless you want to get inside the seat and release those pesky clips that hold it in.

1. Remove the seat.
2. Unclip the rear backrest cover clip from the seat frame.
3. CAREFULLY reach up and in until you can find the spring steel clips that hold the headrest rods locked into their tubes by pulling them out of the retaining notches perpendicular to the headrest rods.
4. Slide the headrest up.

But, if you mean, does it come from the factory as adjustable? No. Nor does it have detents to hold it in a given position once you slide it up.

Yeah, I don't think it would present any problems... just relax the stiffness on those clips, and grind in a mild detent on the rods to keep them stopped once you slide them, a light lube and you're set. I just took my clips out altogether, but keep the headrests down all the way because I don't think they look great extended, you know?

I agree with Armando.

People ask "can it be done"? They need to qualify their question with "required difficulty and how much time/money"

Which I suppose is answered by context. If the person asking the question has been around for a while, you could probably assume he is wanting a more difficult and intensive answer.

This guy seemed rather new...

/I see from Armando's avatar that two spammers met their untimely death.
//One less 2005 carrera GT in the world too