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Heater gauge issues on 92/93 NSX

11 August 2012
Wantirna, Melbourne
Hi guys, I'm a new forum lurker and prospective owner. I test drove a nice black late 92 car here in Melbourne today and noticed an issue with the heater and temperature gauge.

With engine running, the gauge didn't move for quite a few kms of driving and then it started to come up and finally sat about one mark under the half way point on the gauge.

The heater was on 30 degrees (near Max) but no heat coming out until dash temps were well up. I would expect the gauge to move up quickly and the engine o warm up, but this took probably 8 - 10 minutes of driving on a day with external temps at 16 deg Celsius.

Then another interesting thing happened. I put the AC to max cold and the vents emitted cold air, but the temp gauge fell two marks?

Is this indicative of no thermostat fitted, and why would a previous owner or garage have removed the thermostat?

Any ideas fellas?
Thermostat failure, replace with new Thermostat and new rubber gasket