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Hello Again!!

6 April 2012
Hey guys,

I haven't posted in probably 4-5 months. Every time I would try to post it would give me an error code. I tried a few times to get it work, sent emails etc without any Luck. So I just started all over with an new account.

Car Update: The Mclaren arrived at the Dallas dealership 2 weeks ago. It is getting an extensive detail and full clear bra done. I should hopefully have it in my possession by mid or late next week. The delay is KILLING me!! I ended up getting a good deal on the GT3 and sold it to a friend. I traded that in and decided to keep my beloved NSX.

I will post pics when I get the car.


P.s. Did I mention... The waiting game is killing me!
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and decided to keep my beloved NSX.

Hey Ritesh,

Welcome back! I'm glad you kept the NSX. So.....when are you making the trip to Sugar Land in the McLaren? :biggrin:
Sweet Ritesh. When's the open house so us houstonians have an excuse to go up there and check out the mclaren?
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youza......I can't believe you had to rejoin under a new login:confused: I'm sure Lud can merge your old and new posts/identity.Post a thread in the website forum....you have too much history on prime to have it inactive.Congrats on the new car,you were very honest and open with your decision proccess.Please keep us updated on ownership. P.S. the wait would be killing me too.