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Help! 97 NSXT, 33K mi, $57K= good deal??

13 September 2000
Encino, CA

I'm really close to being a first-time NSX owner. I only started considering the NSX a few weeks ago and thus have had to do a lot of learning about the car very quickly. NSX Prime and the people on it have been totally invaluable in this regard, I likely would not be buying an NSX otherwise.

I have a deposit down on the upcoming M3 and am near the top of the waiting list, but it looks like I'm going to walk away from that for a used NSX. The new M3 may be a little faster, may brake and even handle a little better, but.. It's an oversized 3500lb family-mover (particularly when sitting in it), not a purpose-built sportscar, and it doesn't look much different from the zillions of 323's, 328's, and 330's around here.

But I digress. I'm just about ready to buy a 97 NSXT, but am hesitating due to being so new to NSX's, not knowing how often 97's come around that fit what I'm looking for, etc.. Quick advice on the following deal is appreciated:

97 NSXT. Red on black. 33K miles. All options (mats, keyless entry, cd changer). Under warranty until March of next year (I'll purchase an extended warranty before that). I'd likely buy the car sight unseen (it's towards the East Coast, I'm in L.A.)- the dealer (not an Acura dealer) has snapped a bunch of hi-res digital photos for me but that's the extent of it.

Am thinking I would pay for most of the car, leave the balance with the Acura dealer the car would be delivered to, and assuming the car that shows up meets the description w/ no undisclosed blemishes, then the Acura dealer turns over the remaining $$ to the dealer I bought the car from.

Only issues to the car are some scratches on the bottom of the black lip of the air dam (left & right side), some scratches on the driver's side seat (side bolster) which can be taken out, and a few scratches on the black trim that the driver's side carpet terminates into next to the door/door jam. I have some pics but don't know offhand how to post them (I don't see any options for attachments on the form I'm typing this message into).

Other than the above, the dealer says the car is totally pristine.

Thoughts on price, how often a car meeting approximately this spec comes around, etc? Should I jump on it?

Thanks much,

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why don't you let someone local to the dealership take a look for you. Since we all already own an nsx no one will take this deal away from you

The price is reasonable but I agree with everyone else - have an independant party who knows NSXs check it out first.

The minor problems you mentioned are very cheap to fix... $100 for a new front spoiler which just bolts on, even less for the trim piece near the door.

It seems unlikely that this dealer would agree to the terms you mention (having your local Acura dealer hold back some of the money) since they are not also an Acura dealer.

It is not that hard to find a red '97+ NSX. I'm sure there are some out west.

I agree with the other posts, if this is the absolute car you are looking for (red / black, targa, etc) let a local NSX owner look at it for you. The issues mentioned with the car are minor. However, if you have time to be patient I can connect you to a friend of mine that is an auto broker and has the ability to buy lease return vehicles at auction from Honda Motor Credit. These are 97-99 model years (depending on the duration of the original lease) with full factory warranty remaining.

FYI, this is how I purchased my NSX about 3 months ago. Black / Black ’98 NSX-T with 14k miles. What I paid is irrelevant to the general public, but it was $8,000 less than my local dealer wanted for a ’98 Red / Black with 24k miles. My NSX had 3 MINOR problems that the dealer fixed under factory warranty.

Let me know (or anyone else) if you are interested in connecting with this guy.

If you need to locate a knowledgeable NSX owner near the dealer where the car is located, call me at 847-581-5865 and I'd be happy to give you contact info for one.

BTW, this price is a very good price for a '97 but most '97 cars don't have this many miles on them.

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Thanks everyone for the advice so far.

The car is located in Indianapolis, IN. Anyone know someone local who is knowledgeable & would check it out?

If anyone has any info on another 97 red on black that has any lower miles, or is located more west, etc, I'm definitely all ears!

Justin: Would your friend be able to identify cars before the lease expires? Ie, can he tell us if a 97 red/black might be coming available 2-3 months from now, or does he only find out once the lease is up & the car is returned?

Nsxtasy - What's your first name? (If I call, I'm not gonna ask for Nsxtasy)

Thanks again,
no way to identify before the lease is up. he gets a list of all auto's at the "high line" auction a couple weeks in advance of the auction.

kind of a scary way to buy a NSX, if I did not absolutely trust this guy and have known him forever, I may not have done it. With that said, I can say it was a good experience and I would do it again.

I talked to him yesterday, there was actually at the auction and saw a zanardi and a yellow "t" go through.