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Help IDing carbon/Kevlar engine cover

23 May 2020
SF Bay Area
Hey all. I’m trying to figure out who made this engine cover that came with my car, with the eventual goal of selling it.

It’s Kevlar, carbon, and fiberglass. The closest thing I can find is the GruppeM GM-0112 (https://www.gruppemdirect.com/products/acura-nsx-engine-cover-carbon-fiber-gm-0112). Is this right? There is no GruppeM badging anywhere.






There was a guy getting carbon Kevlar stuff made by downforce back in the day he had a bunch of stuff
Made. Looks like the hardware was swapped out for some nicer stuff.

But so many companies sold those things it could be any one of them. That one looks nicer then the Group M. I don’t think it’s Group M.

Looks like a Downforce in Carbon Kevlar.
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The topside does look Gruppe M'ish...I can't say beyond that..The funny part was you could not use any cover with the Gruppe M super charger because it was so tall...
I'm pretty sure it's GruppeM. I may have the same one. Previous owner had a lot of other gruppeM parts installed on the car, since he got most of his parts from Japan.

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we also had the US dealer for them as a member....Alex V.....dentist by day...JDM feels at night....:tongue:
Thanks guys, it is a nice piece. I’ve been running no cover lately and I really like it. I wish there was a super minimal cover that just had the weatherstripping…

It’s for sale if any of y’all are interested! I haven’t yet reached out to companies about it yet tho, so can’t say for sure if it’s GruppeM or not. It does look exactly like @furinax ’s setup, thanks for the pic!

Once I figure that out and work out shipping details, I’ll make a proper FS post
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